Appellate Practice.

Construction Litigation – including worker and pedestrian injuries. Labor Law §§ 200, 240 and 241(6), OCIP, CGL and wrap coverage disputes.

Employment Law – ​including employment discrimination, wrongful termination, “whistle blower” and  retaliation matters and  breach of employment contract litigation.

Explosions, fire, electrical, gas, mold, toxins and carbon monoxide exposure.

General Liability – including premises, toxins, security (assaults and rapes), recreation, elevators & appliances, motor vehicle, roadway and sidewalk defect injuries.

Hospitality, including hotel, restaurant and Dram Shop litigation.

Insurance Law – including coverage disputes and opinions, claims analysis and monitoring, excess, reinsurance and aggregate analysis, audits and risk management services.

Premises Liability – including security, assaults, rapes, theft, elevators and appliances, sidewalk, floor and roadway defects, window guards and snow and ice litigation.

Professional Liability – including Medical, Psychiatric, Dental, Podiatric and Chiropractic Malpractice as well as Attorney, Accountant and Architect’s liability claims and Professional Licensing and Disciplinary matters.

Medical Malpractice – including OPMC and DOH disciplinary and professional licensing matters.

Municipal and Public Authority Liability – including pre-action investigation and hearings and all phases and types of personal injury litigation including civil rights claims, excessive force, false arrest, malicious prosecution, unlawful imprisonment and detention, employment discrimination and breach of employment contracts, negligent hiring and retention, and General Municipal Law §205-a and §205-e claims

Transportation – including bus and rail accidents, commercial trucking accidents defense, Federal Employers’ Liability Act defense and charter and long-distance bus accidents.